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Customer Reviews

Author: Frank

  • Review Add on:21/07/2011
  • Average Rating:

Very nice design with it's own signal station so that it won't affect the wifi signal of router too much. The quality of video is great. It have a notification center where all the past detected motions were gathered together. Easy to set up by scanning the qrcode. I like this camera so much.

Author: Smith

  • Review Add on:21/02/2010
  • Average Rating:

Good product

Author: Online M.

  • Review Add on:21/10/2009
  • Average Rating:

Great Price & Audio easy to setup & install great product

Author: AdamC

  • Review Add on:22/10/2005
  • Average Rating:

The goods have arrived, but the courier has not delivered them to me

Author: Regina

  • Review Add on:22/09/2002
  • Average Rating:

I really like this camera. As long as it is connected to the power supply, connected to the WiFi at home , and the phone scans the QR code to download an App , I can see it on the mobile phone very clear. At night, I see a red dot in the front of the camera ,this is the automatic night vision function, and the video is still very clear.

Author: APTX 4.

  • Review Add on:22/04/2002
  • Average Rating:

it works as a perfect cam .The picture quality is amazing and I love the extras as well. It records audio, I can speak through the camera from the app, the night vision is great!I think it is nice to have them to keep my house safe and monitor my house when I am not at home.

Author: Hana c.

  • Review Add on:22/10/2001
  • Average Rating:

This camera is really good. It was installed and used shortly after receiving it. It is really good. The sound and picture quality is very clear, the connection is very stable and will not drop. The price/performance ratio is still good. Very good, install it as soon as it is received, the sound is clear, the image is clear, the alarm function is sensitive, the signal is very stable, the signal is very stable, and the connection is not dropped, the function is practical, and the price is also very cost-effective. If I don't understand it, I will solve it quickly. It is indeed a very good monitoring product. 5-star recommendation. The camera is really good. I bought it and installed it for home use. The installation is very simple. After downloading the APP, the camera functions are very convenient to use: the functions are the same as before, and the operation is very simple. Network stability: very stable Image clarity: The image is clear. Video is smooth. , The function of the parking surveillance camera in the yard: wide angle, good definition, quite large viewing angle

Author: GUANG W.

  • Review Add on:30/11/-0001
  • Average Rating:

I’ve had this product for a couple weeks now. I can honestly say this product is easy to install and is of great quality The video quality is excellent in both daylight and during night time. The software is very easy to use once you understand all the controls and features. You can set-up areas of the video that you wish to have motion detection which really worksgreat.

Author: Michelleu Y.

  • Review Add on:30/11/-0001
  • Average Rating:

I have hooked the camera up and running and installed it in my garage.?It was very easy to set up, just connect LAN lead to camera power it up once it has found your broadband you can enter the password to connect it to network then remove the lead and install it in range of your Wi-Fi at your home.?Connection to my home WiFi works very well.?The picture quality is excellent, very clear, and PC and phone viewing works.

Author: Keven D.

  • Review Add on:30/11/-0001
  • Average Rating:

Super bonne qualité d'image, facile d'utilisation, j'aime qu'il y ait une une station qui envoie le signal qui reste à l'intérieur de la maison. La carte mémoire est dans la station, en sécurité à l'intérieur contrairement à d'autres où il faut mettre la carte mémoire dans les caméras à l'extérieur.Par contre la détection de mouvement serait à améliorer. Ce serais bien d'avoir la possibilité de limiter la zone de détection de mouvement comme d'autres marques le propose! J'ai une caméra qui capte les voitures dans la rues donc impossible d'utiliser la détection de mouvement puisqu'il y a des détection de voitures au 5 minutes, mais j'enregistre en continue les images quand meme. Pour ma 2e caméra, meme avec la sensibilité au minimum c'est trop sensible ! J'ai des alertes de mouvement sans cesse pour rien pour une branche qui bouge, un flocon qui passe dans la caméras ou un reflet de lumière au loin.Cest le seul bémol, dans l'ensemble je suis satisfait et je recommande cet ensemble de caméras !

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